From The Heart

Jack Greenwood

There is a paradigm shift taking place in the Body of Christ. Have you noticed it? The senior generation of prayer warriors and mighty men and women of valor are, seemingly, quickly departing for heaven. We are in desperate need of committed saints to pick up the mantle for this generation. Souls are at stake!


Who Are You Following

Jack Greenwood

Are you led by the Holy Spirit or by your own desires? When we submit to being led by the Holy Spirit, we are then able to hear His voice and tap into the things of God. Only when we submit ourselves to God can we become who He wants and needs us to be. Do justly; love mercy; walk humbly!


Living the Life

Rusty Greenwood

So often, we can get into the routine of church and life. We attend regularly, pay our tithes and offerings, even serve in different capacities as needed. But are we just going through the motions? Pastor Rusty leads us through the maze of stuff in the “cross-fit gym” of life to the only answers that really matter!


Ministering To The Lord

Jack Greenwood

As Christians, we can get complacent in our salvation, to the point where we just come on Sunday mornings to be fed. Isn’t there more to this Christian life? Discover the keys to unlocking your effectiveness in ministering to the Lord and to others, while enjoying the fullness of a spirit-filled, spirit-led life.


Guest Speaker

Chuck and Helen Todd

World Missions Alliance provide an update of their recent ministry travels and upcoming projects.

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