Our Core Values


Willing to reach out in friendship, showing goodwill to everyone.


Being trustworthy, reliable, and consistent in all that we say and do.


Doing the best we can at everything we do.


Working together to reach our goals.

Prosperity Minded

Refusing to give in to the poverty mentality in our community.


Big hearted with our money, our talents and our lives.

Spiritually Minded

Recognizing that the things of this world are temporary and only a shadow of things to come.


Refusing to turn a blind eye to those in distress and choosing to make a difference in their situation.

Servant Heartedness

Willing to go the extra mile in humility and love for each other for God.


Everything based upon the Word of God; sound in doctrine, balanced in truth.


Becoming a family where no one is left out, bearing each other's burdens, rejoicing with those who rejoice, and weeping with those who weep.

Loving & Caring

Showing genuine interest and taking tangible steps to meet one another's needs; devoted to one another and preferring others above ourselves.