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When God is With Us

Jack Greenwood

Scriptures (Matthew 28:18 Р20; Mark 16:19 Р20; 2 Chronicles 20)

The Scriptures tell us in the book of Isaiah, darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness with overtake the people. So, what should we do? Coming to Christ is a matter of willingly giving up our lives. When we get saved, we are really getting saved from ourselves. When God is in us, He does so that we may have confidence; that we may have courage; and that we may have a calm assurance. Choose life!


Your In Good Hands

Jack Greenwood

Scripture: Daniel 6:3-23

This message gives us an insightful look at the character of Daniel. We see his integrity, courage, and faith in a very stressful situation. The sermon looks at this well-known event in Daniel’s life and provides us with practical ways to face our own personal “lion’s dens” courageously while maintaining an excellent spirit throughout.